Formulation development

Our deep understanding of the nature of large molecules derived from our drug substance development activities serves as the basis to efficiently develop a formulation. This synergistic approach enables us to provide targeted and rapid drug product development.

Whilst applying a broad array of high-throughput technologies, we provide rapid formulation development accompanied by simultaneous real-time and accelerated stability testing according to ICH standards.

We use a semiautomatic filling machine to determine critical process parameters and to produce aseptic drug product for preclinical studies.

Automated and high-throughput formulation development:

  • UNit 445 for rapid excipient screening
  • Freeslate Protegé 300 for automated visible particles, colour and turbidity measurements
  • Semi-automated filling and crimping station
  • DSC for melting temperatures determination

We can support any projects formulation development and utlize our know-how, state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to deliver a formulation optimized for your therapeutic.

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