Pathway Cell Line Development™

Revolutionising the route to RCB

A fast and high titer route to RCB that doesn’t hold your biologic back

  • No royalty payments
  • No milestone payments
  • No licence fees
  • No success fees
  • No manufacturing tie-in

Just a high quality, high titer cell line developed fast

Rapid timeline to RCB
  • Rapid timeline from transfection to proven monoclonal RCBs
  • One of the fastest timelines inthe industry
  • Stable pools available in 3 weeks for preclinical material
Titers upto 9 g/l
  • Titers consistently delivered from 4-9 g/l
  • Excellent record with difficult to express proteins
  • Acheived with mAbs, fusion proteins, fragements, bispecifics and other formats
A strong track record
  • Over 50 cell lines delivered
  • Regularly used across clinical trials
  • Highly scalable for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial manufacturing at from 1-2000 L scale
Polpharma Biologics personal doing antibody or protein cell line development work
Polpharma Biologics personal doing antibody or protein cell line development work

Simplify your route to patients with Pathway Cell Line Development™

Removing barriers to future prospects

By removing all royalty and licence fees from our cell line development package we have simplified your products development. These fees or tie-ins can create real difficulities for companies when they come to sell, licence or partner their product, potentially blocking its route to patients.

Simplify your project

We are experts in the development of biologics and have worked with a huge range of therapeutics. Our expert project managers have seen it all and will guide you through every step ensuring a smooth and painless project.

The Pathway CHO-K1 cell line

Stable, scalable and highly productive

Our propriatry CHO-K1 based cell line, has a proven track record on titer, stability and scalability ensuring a smooth route through process development and manufacturing. The cell line has been used to produce over 50 therapeutic biologics with many going onto clinical trials.

  • High titers
  • Stable & scalable
  • Rapid timeline
  • Comprehensive deliverables

The Pathway Cell Line™ delivers high titers for almost all types of proteins. We consistently deliver titers from 4-9 g/l. Even for difficult to express proteins.

The Pathway Cell Line™ can express:

  • mAbs
  • recombinant proteins
  • fusion proteins
  • bispecifics
  • biosimilars
  • antibody fragement
  • among other biologics format
Graph showing high titers from Pathway Cell Line Development for antibodies and proteins

Our cell line has an excellent track record of scalability and stability and has been used to produce clinical material in 2000 L bioreactors. It is based in the CHO-K1 cell line, which has been used to produce for hundreds of biologics globally.

Stable, repeatable and highly viable process

The graph to the right shows how Pathway CHO cell viability over 14 days in 2x3, 2x10 L STR. The cell line has been run in 2000 L bioreactors with proven scalability and can be used for pre-clinical, clinical or commercial production.

Graph showing stable and scalable cell lines Graph showing stable and scalable cell lines

Our timeline allows for the production of pre-clinical material and start of process development, if desired, from 3 weeks.

We utilize the latest equipment throughout the process including:

  • Ambr15 - an automated high throughput mini bioreactor system
  • Cellavista - an Ultra high throughput imaging system
  • Cytomine - single cell analysis to ensure proof of monoclonality
  • Octet - allows rapid titer measurements

Combined this allows us to screen upto 2000 clones a day

Timeline for Pathway Cell Line Development for creation of a monoclonal RCB
A no-nonsense cell line development package at the highest quality and deliverables
  • Pure fee for service with no license, milestone, royalty or success fees
  • Industry competitive prices
  • Stable pools ready in 3 weeks for pre-clinical material or process development start
  • Rapid timeline to proven monoclonal RCBs
  • High titers from 4 - 9g/l
  • Over 50 cell lines produced with multiple lines used in clinical trials
  • Suitable for mAbs, fusion proteins, antibody fragments, bispecifics among other biological formats
  • Simple transfer to any CDMO or to our own manufacturing stream
  • Capacity available today
Table showing deliverables for cell line development including GMP ready monoclonal research cell bank

Why choose Polpharma Biologics?

We care!

We are passionate about getting safe and effective medicines to patients

  • We have an international track record in biotechnological development and manufacturing of novel biologics and biosimilars
  • We are committed to positive outcomes and delivering projects on time to specification
  • We are self-motivated to reach the end result – “Wait and see” is not in our vocabulary

Fully integrated solutions

We can take your biologic from discovery to commercial supply

Our fully integrated solutions right through to commercial manufacturing and fill finish mean:

  • Use state-of-the-art equipment & facilities
  • Reduced time to clinic
  • Reduced financial cost
  • Reduced operational & quality risk
  • Simpler project management

Seamless project management

An open and honest approach to project management

  • We are experts in managing projects and communicate clearly and concisely
  • A dedicated highly experienced project manager assigned to project
  • Single point of contact for the duration
  • Fully transparency and clear communication plan
  • We are in this together!

Let’s collaborate and create quality biologics together.

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