Discovery & optimization

Polpharma Biologics early stage antibody discovery and humanization platforms are designed to get you a high affinity antibody with the desired binding properties and functional activity that is ready for the next stage of your project. We can also create transient and stable cell lines to provide adequate material for early stage studies.

Monoclonal antibody generation

  • Generation of antibodies in rodents using the CASH™ platform (Custom Assays for Specific Hybridomas)
  • Hybridoma selection using custom developed bioassays
  • cDNA sequence (DNA) coding for VH and VL and subsequently expressed on human IgG constant region
  • Sequences immunogenicity and manufacturability assessed

Antibody humanization

  • Design best-in-class humanized antibodies
  • More than 200 mAbs have been humanized using this technology. Fifteen out of the ~40 FDA-approved mAbs have been humanized using this method.
  • In silico analysis and sequences are available in 1 month. Wet work takes 4-5 months
  • No royalties of licence fees

Bioassay toolbox

  • Flow cytometry
  • Functional proprietary cell-based assays, including proprietary membrane FcγR- and FcRn-based binding assays
  • ADCC (using a proprietary effector cell line) and CDC
  • Immunogenicity and cytokine release assays
  • Potency assays

Working with us

We are very happy to work with you on either a standalone project or as part of an integrated project to accelerate your therapeutic to patients. Either way we treat every project equally and are dedicated to delivering results and getting your therapeutic to patients.

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