Microbial fermentation recovery & purification development

Creating scalable upstream and downstream processes

We utilize a number of advanced techniques (i.e. DoE and QbD) to quickly establish processes that will yield the optimal outcome at the highest level of efficiency.

Upstream process development

For microbial processes, we have established separate laboratories with dedicated staff to match our capabilities in mammalian development.

  • Fermenter:

  • 10L wv Labfors Infors 5 (preferred scale for transfer)
  • 6 x 2L wv Sartorius Stedim Biostat B Twin (preferred scale for development and characteristics) and 40L wv Stainless Steel STR bioreactor (preferred scale for upscale & demo)
  • Homogenizer:

  • Panda Plus 2000
  • TFF system:

  • Akta Flux 6
  • Centrifuges:

  • Backman Coulter Avanti J-26 and Alfa Laval small scale continuous centrifuge

Downstream process development

We leverage a panel of state-of-the-art separation technologies and follow DoE principles to achieve maximum recovery and purity of target proteins. Required DSP process characterization is performed based on qualified scale-down models and is supported by high-throughput analytical instrumentation.


Our downstream process development capabilities for mammalian cell culture include:

  • Allegro™ Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration
  • ÄKTA™ chromatography systems
  • Automated systems for filtration optimization

Working with our process development team

“We are committed to positive outcomes and delivering projects on time to specification”

We can support any projects process development and utilize our know-how, state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary technologies to deliver a process optimized for your therapeutic.

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