Building an integrated biosimilars business

Published: 19.06.2024

In the latest issue of Business Trends, Hannes Teissl, Supervisory Board Member of Polpharma Biologics, highlights recently inked global commercialisation agreement with Sandoz AG for a natalizumab biosimilar for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS, affecting 85% of MS patients). He explains why the deal is a significant milestone for the company.

Read this article to learn what are the specifics of the agreement Polpharma Biologics has made with Sandoz AG. Learn more about the company's growth, expansion, manufacturing capacity and capabilities to fulfill this deal on a global scale.

“Polpharma Biologics is fully committed to provide more affordable quality biologics, which healthcare systems are in need of so much. Our specific dedication to deliver on quality, cost and supply is at the core of our strategy and is precisely why we have built a fully integrated biologics value chain. And we’re clearly in a growth market.“

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written by: Polpharma Biologics

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