Clients we serve

We support our clients at every stage of their product development.

Our company and our colleagues have worked with a range of partners from academia to the worlds' largest pharmaceutical companies. We know how you operate and we tailor our approach to best meet your needs.

Polpharma Biologics is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical CDMO offering the complete spectrum of services from discovery to drug substance and drug product development and manufacturing for mAbs, bispecifics and recombinant proteins.

Our extensive capabilities allow us to support your product for its entire life cycle. This means you don’t have to swap providers losing precious time and product expertise. We endeavor to do everything we can to get your product to the clinic.

  • Academia, small and virtual biotech
  • Mid-size biotech
  • Large biotech

Academia, small and virtual biotech

Most of our team have worked in, set up or collaborated with virtual, small and academia spin out companies. We understand the financial and funding pressures that can prevent promising candidates from moving forward, we also understand that companies at this stage need more guidance and support to maximise the chances of progressing.

This is why we have designed our early stage development programs to enable early and cost effective production of proof-of-concept material rapidly without any commitments to larger scale development. We also have extensive bioassay and analytical capabilities which we can tailor around your product to help you get the data you need. We can even manage pre-clinical testing for you. And once you are ready for the next step our integrated services can take you all the way to the clinic.

Mid-size biotech

We know that most mid-size biotech companies main aim is successful pre-clinical and early stage clinical trials. That is why we have not just created an integrated drug development and manufacturing capability that can take products from cell line development to producing clinical trial material, but also integrated clinical trial, IP and regulatory services which allows a smoother and simpler journey with less risk.

We have also designed part of our facility as a ball room concept. This allows us to change our suites for each project to have exactly the manufacturing capacity you need for your product, whether this is 50, 200, 500 or over 2000 L we can manufacture the drug substance, drug product and fill finish to your requirements – cost effectively.

Large biotech

We work with many of the largest biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the world at both clinical and commercial scale. Our dedication to quality and our use of the most modern technologies, large capacities and integrated solutions make us a perfect partner for drug substance and drug product supply.

Many of our colleagues have worked at big pharma or large biotech so understand the complex processes involved, and we have tailored our project management to ensure that we can work smoothly with your processes, to maximize the chances of success.

Let’s collaborate and create quality biologics together.

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