Leader of innovation in Poland

“It is here that new molecules, active substances and drugs for the largest companies in the world are created”

Jerzy Starak

Founder & Chairman of Polpharma Biologics

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bioreactor production capacity

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people employed

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Polish scientists returned from abroad

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innovative new medicines in development

Our innovation

Over the last decade Polpharma Biologics has created a biotechnology sector almost from scratch in Poland, consistently investing not only in laboratories and production lines, but also in know-how, driving growth of highly-qualified jobs, as well as developing cooperation between science and business. It was Polpharma Biologics that established a team with best-in-class specialists leading operations and sharing knowledge gained from the best biotechnology companies in the world.

Currently, there is no company on the Polish market with scale comparable to ours and with a similar business model. We are able to handle new drugs from the discovery stage to large scale production. We are working on two innovative drugs, and there are currently seven molecules in our portfolio of biosimilar drugs.

Our sites in Poland

We have two state of the art facilities in Poland, both provide technologies unrivalled anywhere in Poland and compete with most advanced biotechnology suites across Europe. At our site in Warsaw we are establishing a state-of-the-art large-scale manufacturing plant, which will add significant scale to our existing drug substance manufacturing capacity and will be ready for clinical and commercial supply in 2021. The site has been designed for rapid expansion of capacity when needed, with space for a further 6 × 2000 L. It is the only site of its kind in Poland to be able to offer commercial supply of new and innovative biologics.

In Gdańsk the company currently employs 450 people in our research and development center where batches of drugs for clinical trials are produced. Our business model assumes that, in addition to the production of drugs we developed, we will provide services for other pharmaceutical companies in the field of research, development and production of innovative molecules.

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Creating scientists in Poland and attracting global talent

We employ specialists from all over the world, drawn from leading global pharmaceutical companies, including over 50 Polish biotechnologists who have returned from abroad. We currently employ over 700 people and are growing significantly every year, around 10% of our workforce are PhD qualified.

Polpharma Biologics’ BIO Academy

The largest practical education program in the Polish biotechnology sector is designed to educate and improve the qualifications of current and future company employees, the program makes it possible to transfer specialist know-how and new competences necessary to develop this young sector in Poland. Within the next 6 years, ca. 600 specialists will graduate from BIO Academy.

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Laboratory internship program

We also have our career laboratory internship program. This program offers ambitious students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop skills by working alongside some of the industry’s leading professionals in one of the most modern biotechnology centers in Europe. It is available for graduates and students who are fluent in English and in the final years of their studies in biotechnology, biology, chemistry or a related science.

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Our investment and collaboration in Poland

We have invested significantly in supporting research and development carried out in Poland and contribute through collaborations with universities, pharmaceutical companies, industries and other drug developers.

Polpharma Biologics closely cooperates with research centres and universities across Poland to advance innovative research.

Let’s collaborate and create quality biologics together.

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