Our pipeline & portfolio

At Polpharma Biologics we are focused on developing the next generation of biosimilars to improve patient access and reduce health care costs. Our pipeline is continuously growing and our late stage products are nearing the market. We look to partner with some of the worlds largest biotech so our biosimilars can reach those that need them.

Our pipeline

We have developed an extensive and ever-growing pipeline of biosimilars to treat a number of conditions across major therapeutic areas. Many of these biosimilars have been partnered but their are also many we are still looking to partner. We consistently invest in the start of one biosimilar development per year based upon expert market analysis, clinical evaluation, and an extensive manufacturing assessment.

Our partnerships

We partner with some of the world’s largest biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to advance and market our biosimilars. It is through their extensive supply network that we can reach as many people as possible that need our biosimilars.

Latest research news

Please read and watch our range of materials produced by our scientists. Including articles, scientific papers, webinars, brochures and videos.

Let’s collaborate and deliver quality biosimilars together.

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