Our history

Polpharma Biologics as an entity is a relatively new and innovative company, however it has nearly a century of history through having formerly been part of Polpharma.

We now operate in three international sites including one of the most advanced biologics manufacturing sites in Europe located near Warsaw in Poland.

Polpharma Biologics Growth Timeline


Polpharma established.


Acquisition of Polpharma by Jerzy Starak, a committed and visionary entrepreneur who still controls Polpharma and Polpharma Biologics today.


Polpharma, a leading pharmaceutical company in Poland and the central European region, launches biotech operations.


Biotechnology R&D centre established in Gdańsk.


Bioeq established - joint venture with Atos on the co-development of Ranibizumab.


Acquisition of Bioceros BV, an early stage biotech development company in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Rapid development of the biotechnology R&D centre in Gdańsk.


Creation of an independent Polpharma Biologics (spin-off from Polpharma). Out-licensing deal for Natalizumab with Sandoz. Out-licensing deal for Ranibizumab with Coherus.


Duchnice manufacturing and development site joins Polpharma Biologics.


2021 Bioeq, a joint venture of Polpharma Biologics Group, enters into an agreement with Teva to commercialize a biosimilar drug to Ranibizumab in Europe and Canada

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