Our teams

Our teams come from all over the world, bringing a wide range of views, professional experiences and cultures.

We welcome diversity, it makes us who we are and creates the strength of our teams. We learn from each other, share experiences and knowledge.

  • Discovery & development
  • Technical development & manufacturing
  • Quality/regulatory & clinical
  • Commercial & project management

Discovery & development

As part of R&D team, you will work with some of the sharpest minds in the industry, we have an incredibly passionate team who care about creating and designing the next generation of therapeutics. Our work is the first step in discovering new therapies and testing whether they are viable and effective. Much of our team are based at our Utrecht or Gdansk site where they work on the discovery, optimization and cell line development of biologics, including biosimilars. You can read more about the incredible molecules they have developed on our portfolio pages.

Technical development & manufacturing

Our process development utilize know-how, state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary technologies to deliver a process optimized for each therapeutic, ensuring that it can be produced effectively, with low impurities and at optimal cost. The team are key to ensuring our biosimilar programs are successful by ensuring we can achieve a good cost for goods.

Our manufacturing team are the group producing biologics ready for patients, this includes the production of drug substance, drug product and the final fill & finish into the vial or syringe ready for use. Our manufacturing team operate out of both our facilities in Gdansk and Warsaw.

Quality/regulatory & clinical

Our clinical operations group manages pre-clinical and clinical trials whether these are pilot studies or international multicenter studies. Clinical trials are a huge operation, normally involving multiple global teams, vendors, sponsors and logistical challenges. Our clinical operations team has decades of experience of overseeing all aspects of clinical trials to maximise the chances of a positive outcome and completion in the anticipated timeframe.

Our quality team are one of the biggest department in the company, responsible for ensuring that products are suitable for their intended purpose and produced right the first time and every time. They work within strict guidelines set by national bodies around the world that ensure that all drugs are safe.

Our regulatory affairs team provides unmatched support for clients during development/pre-approval and post-approval for dossier maintenance. Our experience with various regulatory bodies and close relationship with drug development teams, make us easy to work with and enables us to support projects to market quickly.

Commercial & project management

Our project management team are responsible for transparency and communication with our clients that is for a successful partnership. We believe transparency in communication is essential for a successful partnership. Our project team all have a background in drug development, so know what it takes to deliver a successful project.

Our commercial team manages our client interactions, ensuring our partners who work with our contract development and manufacturing business get great customer service. They are continuously reaching out to drug development companies to see if we can help advance their product. It also includes our market research function, who ensure that we are offering market leading timelines, deliverables and quality.

Let’s collaborate and deliver quality biosimilars together.

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