Industry leading team

At Polpharma Biologics, our passion for excellence begins at the top.

With decades of combined experience in the development, manufacture and commercialization of biopharmaceuticals, our international management team brings both knowledge and passion to every project.

Key People of Polpharma Biologics Group companies

Our key executives manages the operational running of the business, the team bring experience from many global biotechnology companies.

"It is here that new molecules, active substances and drugs for the largest companies in the world are created"

Jerzy Starak

Founder and Owner, Polpharma Biologics Group

“We care about delivering on our commitments”

Hannes Teissl

Vice Chairman, Polpharma Biologics Group

“We are passionate about getting safe and effective medicines to patients”

Dr Joerg Windisch

President & CEO, Polpharma Biologics Group

"We care about delivering on our commitments"

Piotr Korycki

President, Polpharma Biologics Gdańsk & Managing Director, Polpharma Biologics Group

“We work with dedication and find innovative solutions”

Frederic Papp

President, Polpharma Biologics Warsaw

“We are experts in managing projects, transparent communicators and always deliver on our commitments”

Alexandra Moulson

VP Development, Polpharma Biologics Gdańsk

“Our patients expect and deserve high quality and innovative medicines”

Mathieu Ballie

VP Quality, Polpharma Biologics Group

“We value everyone equally and always treat each other with respect ”

Lidia Ołowska

VP People & Organization, Polpharma Biologics Gdańsk

“We care about being respectful and transparent”

Agnieszka Kosowska

Director of Legal & Public Affairs, Polpharma Biologics Gdańsk

“We work with dedication and find innovative solutions”

Dr Adriana Kiędzierska-Mencfeld

Site Head, Polpharma Biologics Gdańsk

Advisory board

Our advisory board brings immense expertise with international experience in the development of novel biologics and biosimilars.

Hans Peter Hasler

Member of the Advisory Board

Wolf Berthold

Member of the Advisory Board

Let’s collaborate and deliver quality biosimilars together.

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