Our stories

We come from different backgrounds, bringing a wide range of views, professional experiences and cultures.

We have shared our stories to allow you to get to know us better.

Dariusz Suchy

Senior Drug Product Development Manager

I am leading a section responsible for drug product development. Hence, we are elaborating appropriate formulation to keep the drug stable and efficient, we select primary packaging suitable for storage and use and establish the manufacturing process. This is very diverse and complex scope of duties!

My team is converting drug substance into product which can be used in humans, assuring effectiveness, safety and therapy compliance. We are the last stage of product development, being in effect the closest to the patient, finally testing also the compatibility of our drug products with clinical administration sets.

The sense of making something useful and meaningful is the most important. There is also a lot of challenges and no fixed schemes. One can always strive for excellence. However, this freedom goes along with the sense of responsibility. The variety of tasks makes you never get bored!

Polpharma Biologics have me the opportunity to work in a different field. However, the Company had to trust that the challenge of a new role will be successful. I have a feeling that there are no restrictions and once you work hard and demonstrate the potential, it will not be disregarded.

Paweł Górniak

Senior Microbial Upstream Process Development Manager

My job is to manage the Microbial Upstream Process Development group within the Technical Research and Development Department. What we basically do, is to design, develop and execute the best microbial fermentation as possible and then upscale it to the colleagues from manufacturing.

My team and myself are a shepherds, or a caretakers of sort, for the little microbial biofactories called the bacteria. These little fellows are the ones who does the miracle, i.e. producing the API, or active pharmaceutical ingredient, which is in fact the main part of the developed medicine.

What I like the most about working for Polpharma Biologics, are the people I collaborate with. Never had I met such a group of dedicated and invested individuals like here. We really are one team with common goal, and not one of us can do it without the others.

When I graduated from university I had to move abroad to work in the industry. After a few years there I was proposed to come back home and offered a job at Polpharma Biologics. This was an occasion I couldn’t miss and one for I couldn’t count never before. It’s a truly unique company in both polish and global pharmaceutical market.

Edyta Smolińska

Analytical Project Lead

I am Analytical Project Lead at Analytical Development Section TR&D Polpharma Biologics. My responsibility is to support analytical development department with every issue connecting with the project. I also support other teams in the cooperation with analytics.

Analytical development supplies reliable results of studies from the all stages of process development. Our teams data confirms the quality and the safety of process developed for the production of our medicines. It gives patients confidence that the developed process is at the highest level.

I like working for Polpharma Biologics especially because of the fantastic people around. The atmosphere at work is really good. The people are the spirit of this company. I also like working here because it is highly interesting and also challenging.

I started to work in Polpharma Biologics as laboratory technician. During 5 years of my career I became an Analytical Project Lead. Thanks to the developing environment in the company and increasing number of responsibilities I got valuable experience and knowledge. I owe my development opportunities to a caring and attentive supervisor. I had the courage to take advantage of new opportunities thanks to support of my supervisor and colleagues at work.

Monika Gurbała-Marzec

Quality Compliance Expert

I am part of the Quality Assurance team. I supervise the implementation, configuration and testing of software as well as IT Infrastructure in terms of compliance with regulations and guidelines.

Due to the ubiquitous digitalization, the data obtained with the use of software are crucial and on their basis, quality decisions are made regarding the medicines taken by the patient.

At Polpharma Biologics, we are one team, we have a common goal and we pursue it. I appreciate the people I can work with. I have the possibility to participate in building systems in the only company in Poland with such profile.

At Polpharma Biologics, I am surrounded by experienced people whose experience I can draw on. They willingly exchange their knowledge with others. I have opportunities for learning and development – training programs, webinars, access to guides and publications. I can also develop soft skills which are valuable for me.

Let’s collaborate and deliver quality biosimilars together.

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