Biosimilar cell lines

Ready to go, high expressing manufacturing biosimilar cell lines ready for development

Polpharma Biologics has developed a portfolio of high producing cell lines expressing biosimilar proteins, such as fusion proteins, enzymes and monoclonal antibodies which are available for out-licensing.

Cell line available

GMP-ready, stable, high producing cell lines

These biosimilar cell lines are generated on our proprietary CHO-based platform, CHO ® using (animal component free) of the shelf culture medium.

The cell lines are GMP-ready, stable, high producing, fully documented and functionally characterized. All available QA approved documentation is accessible for our (potential) partners via a Virtual Data Room.

Biosimilar to Antibody
Herceptin® Trastuzumab
Humira® Adalimumab
Erbitux® Cetuximab
Avastin® Bevacizumab
Rituxan/MabThera® Rituximab
Enbrel® Etanercept
Synagis® Palivizumab
Xolair® Omalizumab
Yervoy® Ipilimumab
Perjeta® Pertuzumab
Opdivo® Nivolumab
Keytruda® Pembrolizumab

Outlicesing and partnerships available

Biosimilar programs are ready for tech transfer to a CMO of your choice or you can use our own CDMO services to advance to the clinic rapidly. Our cell lines and programs in different development stages, can be found in the table below. If a biosimilar that you are interested in is not listed contact us as we may have it in late stage development or can develop a cell line for you.

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