Bioeq, the Polpharma Biologics Group joint venture company and MS Pharma sign exclusive agreement for Ranibizumab in MENA

Published: 14.12.2021

Zug, Switzerland – MS Pharma has signed an exclusive licensing and supply agreement with Bioeq AG, Switzerland, the Polpharma Biologics Group joint venture company to commercialize the biosimilar candidate FYB201 (Ranibizumab) in the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

Ranibizumab, a biosimilar to Novartis’ Lucentis®, is indicated for the ‘wet’ form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and other serious eye conditions. For 2020, IQVIA reported global sales of USD 4.0 billion, and USD 43 million in MENA.

Around 30 million people worldwide are affected by age-related macular degeneration. The launch of a biosimilar ranibizumab can reduce cost of therapies and expand patient access

Under the exclusive agreement, MS Pharma will be responsible for the registration and commercialization in the Middle East and North African countries. MS Pharma will start the registration procedures in MENA immediately.

Bioeq has developed FYB201 in collaboration with its license partner Formycon AG, Germany and will be responsible for the development and supply of the biosimilar. In Europe and the United States, the biosimilar is already under registration by Bioeq and its partners.


Kalle Kaend, CEO, MS Pharma:
“The expansion of our biosimilar portfolio is one of the strategic priorities to support our high growth ambitions and to further strengthen MS Pharma’s leading position in MENA. Ranibizumab, MS Pharma’s third Biosimilar product, is a significant addition and will anchor our Ophthalmology portfolio. The licensing partnership with Bioeq underlines MS Pharma’s commitment to bringing high-quality biosimilar medicines to help improve the lives of patients in MENA.”


Thiemo Schreiber, Vice President Commercial Operations, Bioeq:

“We are proud of having secured MS Pharma as our partner. This agreement is an important milestone in bringing a more affordable treatment option for retinopathies to the people of the MENA region.”

MS Pharma and Bioeq will share revenues from the commercialization of the product. All other financial terms and details of the agreement remain confidential.


About MS Pharma
MS Pharma is a leading regional pharmaceutical company in the MENA region, well-positioned for fast business growth. Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, and with new management offices in Zug, Switzerland, MS Pharma markets a wide range of generic and biotech products. The company employs over 2400 people in 12 countries.

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About Bioeq
Bioeq AG is a Swiss biopharmaceutical joint venture between the Polpharma Biologics Group and the Strüngmann Group. Bioeq develops, licenses, and commercializes biosimilars.

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About the Polpharma Biologics Group
Polpharma Biologics has two sites in Poland, an advanced research and development center in Gdansk and a commercial scale manufacturing facility in Warsaw. It also has a research center in the Netherlands.

It is the largest Polish biotechnological firm developing and manufacturing biosimilars and has been active for over 10 years on a scale previously unknown in the Polish biotechnological sector, investing not only in labs and production lines, but also in know-how, creating highly specialised work places and developing co-operation between business and science.

The Group currently employs over 800 people in Poland, including top-class specialists from the country and from around the world.

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Lucentis® is a registered trademark of Genentech, Inc.


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