European biotechnology company Polpharma Biologics has unveiled a new logo and corporate message as part of an extensive rebranding initiative.

Published: 14.01.2021

Joerg Windisch, CEO of Polpharma Biologics, commented:

“ Our new brand represents our passion and dedication to innovation, we utilize the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques to discover and advance ground breaking biologics to the clinic, whether this is our own pipeline or that of our partners.

The industry is rapidly reducing the time to develop and manufacture new molecules, this is down to significant improvements in automation with many previously time consuming steps replaced with equipment that can analyze thousands of samples in minutes incredibly accurately. Throughout our entire process from early stage discovery, through cell line development and process development and to fill finish we have adopted the very latest technology to ensure we can offer the best timelines and most comprehensive analytics to generate the highest quality biologic drugs, our new brand represents our commitment to this innovation.”

Dr Windisch, continued:

“We are also launching our new value proposition, “We Care”, this represents our unwavering dedication to the patients that need our products and our commitment to honesty and transparency in all our interactions. All our colleagues carry these values through all the work they do and in all our cooperation with partners. We all share the same goal – delivering safe and effective medicines to patients.”

The new brand and values launch come after a year of significant growth at Polpharma Biologics, it has brought its Utrecht research and development site, formerly Bioceros, and its Warsaw manufacturing site under the Polpharma Biologics brand, and significantly expanded its workforce by over 250 employees.

Much of the new recruitment has taken place at their new clinical and commercial manufacturing site in Warsaw, which began construction in 2018. It has reached a significant milestone with the installation of its first bioreactor suite which contains twin 2000 L SUBs. The suite is now under validation and will be suitable for the manufacture of clinical and commercial mammalian products, it is expected to be ready for its first production run in mid-2021. This is one of 5 manufacturing suites currently planned for the site which also contains research and process development laboratories.

Frank Ternes, Global Head of CDMO commented:


“ The combination of our new brand and installation of new bioreactors brings us closer to our ambition to be an industry-leading biotechnology company, with a world-class offering to help partners take their products rapidly to market with the maximum chance of success. Polpharma Biologics now has the ability to offer a full range of solutions for both mammalian and microbial from discovery to commercial supply for both drug substance and drug product.”


About Polpharma Biologics

Polpharma Biologics is a European biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and manufacture of biosimilar and novel biologic drugs. Polpharma Biologics operates across centers of excellence in Poland and the Netherlands providing fully integrated solutions along the biopharmaceutical value chain. Polpharma Biologics offers antibody discovery and optimization, cell line development, product and process development and clinical and commercial scale manufacturing to support the development of its proprietary portfolio of products and the provision of high quality contract development and manufacturing services to industry partners around the globe.

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