Rapid growth of Polish biotechnology sector leads to demand for foreign expertise, as Polpharma Biologics announces 70 new vacancies

Published: 31.08.2021

Polpharma Biologics - a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and manufacturing biosimilars – announces over 70 new vacancies. The new roles will support the companies advancing pipeline leading to a ramp up of its manufacturing output. 

The new roles come on top of significant growth at the company in the last two years, with an additional 300 employees joining, bringing the companies headcount to over 800. They come at a time of rapid growth in the Polish biotechnology sector, with over 50 biological therapeutics being developed in the country.

Polpharma Biologics development and manufacturing is completed at its two Polish sites, a large scale mammalian manufacturing site in Warsaw and a mammalian and microbial facility in Gdańsk. Both sites are looking to recruit for a variety of new roles including in technical development, operations, fill & finish, quality assurance, portfolio management, technology transfer, engineering and IT. Polpharma Biologics also have an innovative research site in Utrecht.

The Polish biotechnology sector has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years with Polish biotech companies all adding new biologics to their pipeline. One of the most advanced includes Polpharma Biologics natalizumab biosimilar for the treatment of Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis and their joint venture company Bioeq’s ranibizumab for the treatment of vision loss. This exponential growth has created a huge demand for expertise, both home-grown and internationally.

Lidia Olowska, VP People and Organisation at Polpharma Biologics commented:
“The new positions have been established due to the rapid progression of our pipeline. Polpharma Biologics is a very dynamic, diverse and international organisation, attracting talents and experts from all over the world. We are also excited to see the return of many Polish scientists, technicians and engineers who have worked in large biotech abroad, returning to Poland and joining Polpharma Biologics to drive the industry forward and help to improve patient’s access to modern therapies.”

About the Polpharma Biologics 
The Polpharma Biologics Group creates quality biosimilars with a passion to improve the lives of patients. The group has an extensive and ever-growing pipeline of biosimilars to treat a number of conditions across major therapeutic areas. Many of these biosimilars have already been commercially partnered with the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies. The group has extensive development and manufacturing facilities across Europe, investing not only in laboratories and production lines, but also in know-how, employing over 800 specialists from across the globe.

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To view the new vacancies, visit: https://polpharmabiologics.com/en/careers/job-search

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Joseph Reeds
Head of Marketing, Polpharma Biologics


written by: Polpharma Biologics

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